Auto Evaluation Test 

Abduction Test

Self-assessment test about a possible alien abduction

The proposed test contains a series of questions that stimulate the subconscious and memory. At the end of the test you will have asked your subconscious what it really knows the truth. The test is only valid if the person is mentally healthy. 

How to do the test:

You have to take your time to take the test. Not always, all the memories raised by the questions come out immediately. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the test. If most of the answers are positive and there are scars on the skin, then the test is considered positive.

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1 ) Have you ever had a nosebleed from only one nostril? (Which one?)

2 ) Have you ever had hearing problems with only one ear in the form of strange sounds? (Which one?)

3 ) Do you have any scars whose cause you cannot remember?

4 ) Have you ever suffered from depression?

5 ) Have you ever dreamt about a person identical to yourself (a copy of yourself)?

6 ) Have you ever felt or dreamt that you were physically from another planet?

7 ) Have you ever found any objects out of place, whether on your body (rings, necklaces, earrings, piercings, etc.), or in your living space?

8 ) Have you ever dreamt about somebody introducing something into your nostril, ear cavity, eyeball or genitals?

9 ) Have you ever dreamt about a being non-equal to us?

If yes:
a) How tall was it?
b) How was it dressed up?
c) How did it smell?
d) How many fingers did it have?
e) What were their fingers like?
f) Did it communicate with you?

10 ) Did you ever wake up with yellow-coloured skin?

11 ) Have you ever had the impression of not being able to recognize one of your relatives, acquaintances, or even yourself (you feel physically different), and suffered a very brief identity crisis as a result?

12 ) Have you ever dreamt about having a child not of this world?

13 ) Have you ever dreamt about being in a technological place? 

14 ) Do you practice meditation, relaxation techniques or martial arts?

15 ) Have you ever seen or dreamt about beings with vertical pupils (like those of a cat)?

If yes:
a) Did they look positive to you?
b) Did they look negative to you?
c) Did they look indifferent?
d) How many fingers did they have? What were their fingers like?
e) How tall were they? f) How was their head shaped?
g) What was the colour of their skin? h) What were their clothes like?

16 ) Have you ever dreamt about being in an underground facility? 

17 ) Have you ever seen or dreamt about “saurians” (or similar creatures) walking in an erect stance?

18 ) Have you ever seen or dreamt about bright beings, similar to children made of light?

19 ) If you are a female: have you ever had the feeling of being erroneously pregnant at some point in your life?

20 ) Have you ever dreamt about having sexual intercourse with another creature?

If you are a male:

a) Could you interact with her?
b) Could you move?
c) Could you move your eyes?
d) How tall was such a creature?
e) How many fingers did it have?
f) What was the face like?
g) What was the hair like?
h) Did you have an erection?
i) Did they take blood from you?

If you are a female:

a) How tall was he?
b) Could you distinguish him from the surrounding environment? c) Did he act against your will?
d) How many beings were there?
e) Could you distinguish its face?
f) Did they take blood from you?
g) Was it a stressful situation?
h) Was it a normal situation?
i) Was it a pleasant situation? 

21 ) Have you ever dreamt about being forced to have surgery?

22 ) Have you ever dreamt about being in a strange hospital?

23 ) Have you ever woken up missing part of your pyjamas or with part of them inside out or backwards?

24 )
Do you have Rh negative blood type? Does one of your relatives have it?

25 ) Have you ever had strange paralysis, while in bed, with the possibility to move only your eyeballs?

26 ) Have you ever had the feeling of having lost the cognition of time (missing time) even just for few seconds?

27 ) Did any of your relatives ever tell you he/she saw or dreamt about strange creatures, during their life?

28 ) Is any of your relatives affected by polydactyly (presence of more than five fingers in hands or feet)?

29 )
Is any of your relatives affected by pterigium (a fleshy tissue that grows over the cornea)?

30 ) Is someone in your family affected by the growth of webs between the fingers (i.e. webbed fingers)?

31 )
Have you got, on the left (or right) tibia (i.e. the shinbone), a scar similar to a cigarette burn?

32 ) Does anyone in your family have the cauda (a small protuberance below the coccyx, similar to a tiny tail)?

33 ) Have you ever woken up feeling of being covered in a strange sticky jelly?

34 ) Have you ever woken up totally exhausted?

35 ) Have you ever had difficulty swallowing?

36 ) Have you ever dreamt about soldiers?

37 ) Behind one of your ears, near to where it meets the side of your skull, can you feel a small lump beneath the skin, perceptible to the touch as a small ball? (if yes, please specify which one, right or left)

38 ) Have you ever dreamt about angelic or diabolic figures, especially when you were child? (if yes please describe them briefly)

39 )
Have you ever had panic attacks during medical examinations (dentist or doctor)?

40) Have you ever thought that your parents were not your real parents?

41 ) Have you ever dreamt about a being with one eye in the center of the forehead?

42 ) Have you ever been so thirsty, for no apparent reason, that you had to drink lots of water?

43 ) Have you ever had an OOBE (Out Of Body Experience)?

44 ) Have you ever remembered or dreamt about something that you attribute to Past Lives?

45 ) Have you ever dreamt about being put into a cylindrical container or about having perceived others being inside a cylindrical container?

46 ) Have you ever written or spoken a language theoretically unknown to you, in a dream or in reality?

47 ) Have you ever written from right to left (like the Leonardo Da Vinci's writing)?

48 ) Are you right-handed or left-handed?

49 ) Have you ever had the feeling of passing through the walls, the floor or the ceiling of your room?

50 ) Have you ever seen or dreamt about an UFO? (if yes, please describe it briefly)

51 ) Have you ever seen or dreamt about very big insects? (if yes, which type of insects?)

Have you ever dreamt about scenes of war where you fight as if you were in a video game?

53 ) Have you ever made use of narcotics or psychopharmaceuticals? (if yes, which type and for how long?)

54 ) Have you ever experienced phenomena that can, according to you, be considered paranormal?

55 ) When you cross your hands, which thumb is on top? (Right or left one?)

56 ) Have you ever had the feeling that your body was pervaded by an intense vibration?

57 )
Are you artistically gifted: you play or compose music, you write poems or novels, you draw, sing, act or otherwise?  


1 ) Possible insertion of Microchips into the brain by breaking through the nasal cavity

2 ) Possible installation of Microchips, in or behind the ear. Through acoustic signals, they can activate functions of other Microchips.

3 )  30% of people who take the test but are not tested have never inspected their bodies.

4 ) 99.9% of people who tested positive on the
self-assessment test answered positively to this question. 

5 ) Most abductees dream of seeing their clones.

6 ) 49% have dreamt or believe they're from another planet. These are induced memories. (See Starseed)

7 ) The Greys, they take off people's clothes and jewelry, which they neatly place elsewhere.

8 ) They are memories of Invasive Operations, for the removal of liquids or tissues or the introduction of objects and organic material.

9 ) Many, vaguely remember seeing beings similar to us, this happens because: Memories in the short memory are replaced while in the subconscious they remain intact but most people are stunned.

10 ) The Greys have a yellowish oily substance on their skin, with which they can accidentally stain us or the place where we live.

11 ) Have you ever had the impression of not being able to recognize one of your relatives, acquaintances, or even yourself (you feel physically different), and suffered a very brief identity crisis as a result?

12 ) Possible artificial insemination or false memories, so that they can bind the person emotionally to theirs.

13 ) Memories of technology labs, where they were present.

14 ) The Abductee who has inside his brain, of an Active Alien Memory (MAA), tending to schizoid behaviors, tends to bring out behaviors that are not his own. The subject, after having exposed his attitudes with violence, often does not remember what happened precisely because his MAA has returned to the sphere of his repressed daily life. The Origins of the Martial practices, are to be attributed to the Nordic.

15 ) Many races have vertical pupils. The dream of the vertical pupils denounces a strong negative meaning of being
dreamed. The Abductee always tends to remember some
details of the alien's fingers or his appearance, which are linked (anchored) to episodes with a strong emotional stress character. When the emotion or fear increase the subject will unconsciously have more difficulty to forget the episodes that have seen him involved and therefore will remember them, perhaps in the form of a false dream, masking an event that really happened.

16 ) The dream of the underground place is in fact strongly linked to unconscious archetypes common to most human beings, who, through the dream, manifest their anguish. For the adduct, instead, the dream of the underground place is often a cover-up dream where he actually remembers where he was conducted both in an alien environment and in a military environment.

17 ) 22% of abductees actually dream about saurians walking upright.

18 ) It is not only an abductive phenomenon, but also an etheric parasite. Some Aliens do not have a body, but are formed by light, which is not reflected in the environment. At night, this being, although present in the room, does not illuminate the room.

19 ) Women's uteruses are often used to develop their fetuses, which are removed after about three months.

20 ) These are false memories, masking real surgeries, on the genital side or artificial fertilization. .

21 + 22 ) The vast majority of abductees respond positively to this question

23 ) Greys don't know clothes, so they don't always know how to wear them. Many times they make mistakes and other times they put it on the side of the bed.

24 ) Many do not know their blood type but most abductees seem to have Rh negative.

25 ) People who have little knowledge of the phenomenon confuses paralysis with the possibility of moving eyeballs, with a sleep-dream state that has nothing to do with alien interference. Others, on the other hand, remember that when the Aliens arrive, they cannot move except their Pupils.

26 ) 97% of people don't remember being taken. In fact it may happen that on the way to work, instead of driving the road for the usual 20 minutes, it once took 3 hours.

27 ) The demand tends to verify the presence of adducts in the family environment since the phenomenon of adductions is linked to familiarity.

28 29 30-32) These questions tend to identify the possibility of correlating the presence in addicts of small genetic mutations, modifying their DNA for generations.

31 ) This scar is very recurrent in abductees and shows the removal of skin and a very small part of bone.

33 ) Many Abductee find themselves with this reality when they wake up. Many do not realize this characteristic and many probably do not have this problem which seems to be due to the possibility of the abduct being contaminated, touching one of the aliens or touching some materials inside the abduction rooms.

34 ) This question serves to identify who is not adduced, through the presence of negative answers. When we are in the presence of negative answers it is useless to continue the test.

35 ) This question wants to verify if, in the subject's memories, there is a traumatic event linked to a particular abduction event. Unfortunately, the difficulty in swallowing seems to be also linked to different physical problems such as an enlargement of the thyroid gland or psychological problems of relationships with food without considering more psychological aspects linked to serious psychopathologies of food such as anorexia.

36 ) The adducts recall "false dreams" of military operations, but in contemporary society, the dreams of the military are becoming more and more widespread, due to the increase of information with aggressive content (news and video games). In order to understand if the dream in the military field, of an adduct, is really a "false dream", i.e. a real memory masked by a fake dream environment, it is necessary to question the adduct in a deeper way with the techniques of anchors. Some people, in fact, are used by the military, sometimes in collaboration with the Aliens.

37 ) It is a microchip, which you can touch externally.

38 ) The sample we analysed shows dreams of nightmares with angelic and/or diabolical figures. Many aliens tend to hide behind these figures.

39) All abducts show panic at the dentist. But it is also evident that the dentist scares at least another 25% of the test subjects.

40 ) All the abductees think that their parents aren't their parents

41 ) This question, which tended to address the memory of a being who seems to have only one eye in the center of the forehead, described by many Abductee, in deep hypnosis, seems to have an interesting result. In fact, the result of 7.11% is almost totally distorted. In other words, the abductee almost never answer this question in a positive way, since they have absolutely no consciousness of this being. Such consciousness is acquired only afterwards, with a precise path, made of regressive hypnosis exercises of mental simulation and recalls of memories, using the technique of anchors with neuro-linguistic programming tools.

42 ) This question tended to check whether the presence of abduction could be identified, considering that, in some cases, the abductee is given a blood transfusion and after the subject was reported he needed to replenish his fluids. So he drank three to five liters of water in a few hours. Also in this case all the adducts respond positively to the question but the lack of consciousness of the test negative subjects, contaminates the answers heavily.

43 44 ) OOBE's experiences are linked to the presence of an animic part. This question tended to verify the presence of the soul and therefore the probability of a possible abduction.

45 ) A positive response indicates with almost certainty, that we are Abducted. There are several cylinder rooms that are similar to each other. More information.

46 ) Behind this question there is a need to recognize the abducted by the presence of those parameters that are identifiable either by the presence of an MAA or by the presence of memories of lives in other bodies.

47 48 ) The abductees present a very evident latent
left-handedness or ambidestrism. Bustrophedic writing is linked to the presence of active MAA alien memories. In addition, the abductees have a strong tendency to ambidestrism.

49 ) This question does not necessarily demonstrate an abduction, it is also based on those subjects who are capable of spontaneous OOBE and not induced by the alien phenomenon.

50 ) This question tends to verify whether the subject has ever seen or "falsely dreamt" of a UFO. The adducts always answer positively but it is evident that the phenomenon of UFOs is now so present in our society that this question is strongly polluted.

51 ) The insect in dreams is a subject already dealt with by psychoanalysis but in this case it was used to identify whether some Abductee could be recognized through the detection of a particular dream or rather a false dream of a particular alien insect. At least 30% of abductees remember dreaming of giant grasshoppers or indicate "spontaneously" in the grasshoppers or mantids tension relations. The answers of the adducts in this case are not prompted by particular questions. The subject answers: "No, but I'm terrified of grasshoppers!". This type of answer is given considering that the person is not aware of having had anything to do with them, but has a traumatic memory, with them.

52 ) The purpose of the question was to identify the adduced through dreams linked to the presence of the memories of the copies, often linked to memories of military operations of the "supersoldier" type. In fact, during the energy loading of their clones, the memories of these clones pass to the original. Unfortunately, this field is heavily polluted by the presence in today's civilization of films and video games in which the military environment predominates.

53 ) In general, certain types of drugs are incompatible with certain alien types of brain-zone using drugs, such as MAA. In this case it seems that cocaine or artificial drugs are not compatible with the presence of MAA and therefore with the presence of addictions. Nevertheless, we found rare cases of subjects who had unconsciously freed themselves from these alien types. However, they had not got rid of alien parasites such as Lux the 6 Finger/Nordic or Horus. Bodiless subjects who use the subject's body to take only soul energy. In this case the use of cocaine seems to be irrelevant to the alien presence.

54 ) All the souls, and therefore also the Abductees, have had phenomena of a paranormal nature.

55 ) The question serves to establish which of the two hemispheres prevails and is to be correlated with the position of any lateral microchips in the skull of thesubject answering the question.

56 ) Those who respond negatively to this question have ahigh probability of not being within the abductionphenomenon.

57 ) Again, the positive responses only indicate those who are anaemic.